How secure is shopping online? Is my information secured?

We use a 256-bit SSL encryption on all transfers. The encoded data of your request (name, address etc.) can’t be read by third party. Transactions / credit card information is secured by Stripe.

Would I be able to pay cash upon delivery? Will I be able to cc you the money since I do not own a credit card?

I’m afraid as of now, our operations are limited to credit/debit card. This is to guarantee our clients get their customer security. In case you don’t own a credit card, you could possibly get someone to assist you with the transaction.


I just placed an order, when will it ship?

Please allow 4-7 days manufacturing and preparation time for your order to be dispatched.

How long does delivery take?

12 – 60 Business days

There are some situations and circumstances which we don’t have control over such as natural disasters, weather, holidays, and so more that could cause us to postpone your shipment. While most packages arrive on time, our carrier may as well experience situations or circumstances that could possibly cause delay.

Would I be able to cancel my order?

If you cancel your order within 24 hours and item not shipped, you’ll receive your refund immediately. Just send us an email with “CANCEL” in the subject line to