Classic Espresso Aluminum Moka Pot

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For those who like a deeper, darker flavor to their coffee, the Classic Espresso Aluminum Moka Pot is a great choice. This timeless classic is capable of producing intense, full-bodied, and very flavorful shots of coffee that’s bound to hit the spot.

We have a full set of sizes available from the individually sized 1.5oz 1 cup, up to the generous 20oz 12 cup for when you feel like sharing your delicious brew.

  • Classic Moka Coffee pot
  • Produces intense short shots of coffee
  • For use on gas or electric stovetop
  • Available in 1 cup to 12 cup sizes
1cup (1.6 oz)3cups (5 oz)6cups (10 oz)9cups (15 oz)12cups (20 oz)
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